Ball-joint Handrail Stanchions

Ball-joint handrail Stanchions


Ball-joint handrail is one kind of durable and economical & practical balustrade system with beautiful appearance, simple structure. Ball-joint railings is widely used in industrial platform, stairs, walkways, in such sectors as petroleum, chemical,metallurgy, power plant, boilers, shipbuilding,municipal construction.

Ball Joint Railings meets China’ s General Building Standard Design Specification-professional production, reliable quality, hot dipped galvanized surface fin ish, excellent corrosion resistance. Related comp orients involved i n balustrade system,such as top and mid railing pipe, elbow, kick plate, can be matched and supplied according to user’ s requirement. Because of its unique structure design, ball joint railing can be quick installation in use.

Surface treatment

Hot-dip galvanizing is a form of galvanization.It is the process of coating steel grating with a thin zinc layer,by passing the metal through a molten bath of zinc Mean coating thickness is 70μm when steel bars range from 3mm to 5mm in thickness.

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