Trench covers

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trench covers

Use banding steel grating to design and manufacture, widely used in urban road,square,garden,docks and airport,parking lot,highway,railway,industrial engineering and other kinds of industrial and civil architecture.


Beautiful shape: line forthright,silver appearance,modern trend.

Best drainage:Leakage area is 83.3%,which is more twice than cast iron.

Hot dip galvanized: rustproof force is powerful,free maintenance and replacement.

Security design: cover and frame connecting with hinge,guard against the ft, safety,and easy to open.

Save on investment:when big span,and heavy load,the price is lower than cast iron,economizing the expenses of stolen or replacement.

High strength:the strength and toughness are far higher than cast iron,and can be used in and docks,airports,such big span heavy load place.

surface treatment

Hot-dip galvanizing is a form of galvanization.It is the process of coating steel grating with a thin zinc layer,by passing the metal through a molten bath of zinc Mean coating thickness is 70μm when steel bars range from 3mm to 5mm in thickness.

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